Teacher: Vesna Popović

School: Petar Kočić Primary School, Temerin, Novi Sad
Students (group 1):  Lotos Tot, Grade 5

Title: Karma

On a saturday afternoon,there was this girl.Her name is Lily.One day Lily was confused by her looks.She had white skin,very white skin and purple eyes.That’s Albinism.Everyday she was bullied for her looks.She asked her mum about it.She said ,,Lily,you were born like that.’’-,,But mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom!I don’t like myself,i don’t feel comfortable.’’-Said Lily sadly-.,,Everyday i’m bullied by other students for my looks…”-,,Oh!”-the mom said shockingly-,,Do i need to call their parents and tell them what’s happening???”-,,Yes,that will be awesome.”-Said Lily with tears in her eyes-,,Call Jackses mom especially!He’s the worst,he always bullies me.”-Then Lilys mom called Jackses mom.-,,Hello is this Jackses mom?”-,,Yes,it is”-the woman said-,,This is Lilys mom,and i would like to say that your son is bullying my daughter and i would like to fix that.”-Said Lilys mom firmly-,,Oh!’’-the woman said-,,thank you for telling me that!I will teach him a lesson!”-then the woman hanged up and went to Jakses room-,,Jack!!!!!” -Said the woman angrly-,,What?!?!?!?!?”-Said Jack confused-,,Lilys mom just called me and said that your bullying Lily!!Why are you so mean?!I’m very disappointed in you!You are going to school  and say sorry to Lily.Do you understand?”-,,Yes mom”-said Jack.The next day Jack went to school and saw Lily.-,,Hey Lily…”-said Jack sadly -,,Oh,hey jack?”-said Lily confused-,,I would like to say i’m sorry”-said Jack.Lily was just shocked.-,,Wha-a-at?You said sorry?To me?!No,no,you’ve got the wrong person.”-,,No,it’s you…” -said Jack with a tear in his eye-,,I would like to apologise for the things i did to you.”-,,I forgive you.”-Said Lily firmly-,,Thank you Lily!”-Said Jack happily.Three years later,jack is a freshman in highschool.

He’s getting bullied because he’s chubby.He cries everyday after school.In his mind he thinks-,,This is how it feels to be Lily.”-thinking that while he’s crying.