On February 26, 2021, we held the kickoff meeting and the first session of Teaching Global Citizenship: Developing Tolerance through Graphic Novels Project. The kickoff meeting was attended by:
  • Dr Joan Kang Shin, Associate Professor, George Mason University, the US English Language Specialist, United States
  • Tim Standaert, Public Affairs Officer, the Embassy of the United States, Serbia
  • Kevin McCaughey, Regional English Language Officer, the Embassy of the United States, Serbia
  • Ivana Bankovic, RELO Assistant, the Embassy of the United States, Serbia
  • Dragana Obradovic, Cultural Affairs Assistant, EL Program Coordinator, the Embassy of the United States, Serbia
  • Ivona Randjelović, a teacher trainer from Serbia
  • 17 Project participants, EFL teachers from Serbian state schools
  • Dr Vera Savić, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education in Jagodina, University of Kragujevac, Serbia
The first session was titled Global Citizenship in the EFL Classroom. The Project will proceed with weekly sessions until the middle of June 2021.

On Febuary 15 and 16, 2021, Dr Shin and Dr Savić conducted interviews with candidates for the Project. The following 17 teachers of English have been selected to participate in the Project (listed in alphabetical order):
  1. Anica Djokić, EFL teacher, Sonja Marinković Primary School, Novi Sad
  2. Danijela Andrejić, EFL teacher, Vlada Aksentijević Primary School, Palilula, Belgrade
  3. Dušica Kadnić Najić, EFL teacher, Milica Miločević Primary School, Jagnjilo, Mladenovac
  4. Jelena Novitović, EFL teacher, Gymnasium, Kraljevo
  5. Katarina Ristanović Acović, EFL teacher, The Takovo Uprising (Takovski ustanak) Gymnasium, Gornji Milanovac
  6. Lora Petronić Petrović, EFL teacher, Lingva Foreign Language Centre, Valjevo
  7. Marija Ivanović Božić, EFL teacher, Vuk Karadžić Primary School, Knjaževac
  8. Marija Trošić, EFL teacher, Branko Radičević Primary School, Kruševac
  9. Mirjana Matović, EFL teacher, Ivo Andrić Primary School, Pranjani; The Takovo Uprising (Takovski ustanak) Gymnasium, Gornji Milanovac
  10. Nataša Jonović, EFL teacher, Rudjer Bošković Primary School & Gymnasium, Belgrade
  11. Nenad Miladinović, EFL teacher, The Third Kragujevac Battalion (Treći kragujevački bataljon) Primary School, Kragujevac
  12. Olivera Ilić, EFL teacher, Sveti Sava Primary School, Požarevac
  13. Slavica Jocković, EFL teacher, Radmila Šišković Primary School, Smederevska Palanka
  14. Tamara Rosić Bradonjić, EFL teacher, Milan Blagojevic Primary School, Natalinci, Topola
  15. Tatjana Jancić, EFL teacher, Vocational School of Economics and Trade, Vranje
  16. Valentina Gavranović, EFL teacher, Nadežda Petrović Secondary Medical School, Zemun
  17. Vesna Popović, EFL teacher, Petar Kočić Primary School, Temerin
Photos from the interviews held on February 15 and 16, 2021