Teacher: Vesna Popović

School: Petar Kočić Primary School, Temerin, Novi Sad
Students (group 2):  Uglješa Sofrenović, Grade 5

Title: Dream

“No, no!” I raved dreaming of running straight into the abyss while being chased
by an iron giant. I stood right in front of the edge and saw that there were more of
them. I called my friend George on the phone, but it said “George was not found.”
I started shouting, and that woke me up. “Uh,” I thought, “Good luck so it’s just a
dream!” I got up and started brushing my teeth and washing myself in the
bathroom. I had breakfast, and then the phone rang. It was George. “Hey, Blade!
(That’s what they called me) Are you watching the news? Planet KS-242 with
some weird creatures named Iron Golems …” “IRON GOLEMS?!?” “Yes, why?”
“Nothing!” (I can’t believe my dream is coming true! Oh, no !!!) “Go out on the
terrace!”, He told me, “See for yourself!” I obeyed him, and went out on the
terrace. I didn’t see anything, it was just a little dark. I turned and yawned, just
enough to fit a tennis ball in my mouth. At that moment, I would describe it “as
one big death”, but it was a huge purple planet much bigger than our planet Earth.
It was so far away from us that it was as big in the sky as our city of Washington.
There were at least 25 interstellar spacecraft the size of Mars around it. The
situation was like in the movie “Star Wars”. They landed in about 48 hours. The
planes threw out their doors and the iron golems started to come out. Dad took the
car, took the house, Mom, me and my sister with him. Two golems set out to fly
after us all the way to the Grand Canyon (2287 miles). We ran out and then they
started chasing us, all from one of the cliffs. Like in a dream! But before I finish
the story let me describe myself to you. I was a 13 year old black boy named
Kevin. My hobby was collecting coins. I had a variety. But one was special and I
always carried it with me. Let’s get back to the story. I slipped on a rock and that
mysterious coin fell out of me. When the giants saw him, they began to flee
towards their aircraft. The whole army of golems and the planet began to return far
into space. We later realized that it was a coin from the planet KS-243, their
biggest enemies. So they fled back into space. Later, when I grew up, I received
the Order of the National Hero. And that coin is in the National Museum. And the
dream in my head …